Getting Started on Your
Jewelry Making Business

You are embarking on an exciting new jewelry making business and there is much to learn and plan when starting a business. One of the first things you will do is search for that perfect business name!

There are important factors to consider when naming your business as you will want that name to feel just right...knowing that it can take you where you want to go. Visit choosing a business name and catchy business names to get started on finding a name that you love.

Once you have chosen your perfect name it is time to register! I love 2014 as it couldn't be any easier to register a business name. For information on registering your great new jewelry business click on registering a business name.

After registering your business get more information on opening a business bank account and applying for a merchant credit card account. Make sure to check out my new page on how to use Square up the revolutionary new credit card processing system.

If you have not already designed a business card or even if you have find out about the 10 business card mistakes and how to avoid them. I just wrote this article with the focus on design for the visual artists.

It is a thrilling moment once you have a name in place, you have officially registered your new business name and you have your business account ready to go. Now let's start planning!

organizing your jewelry making business

A well organized business creates a joyous experience and sets the path to success. Setting intentions for how you would like to operate your business is the first step to organizing your business.

Having strong ideas of how you would like your business to run will aid you in creating a smooth operation and free up your time to be creative!

Making notes on what and how you will organize yourself and your work areas will assist you as you implement each idea. There is great reward in following through on all the intentions you set for yourself.

As you grow you may want to adjust your intended plans so that they really work to benefit you and your business. Soon you will develop great business know-how with a feel and a fit that keeps you motivated and confident.

Learning how to run a jewelry making business can beexciting and fun when that special business belongs to you!

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