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Wholesale for Artists and Makers - Would you like to sell your handmade products to stores, but have pending questions that prevent you from taking action? If you think that wholesale is intimidating or that it’s too hard to get your products into stores, think again. You can learn the ins and outs of wholesale and get your collection out there sooner than you imagined.

Over the past few decades the face of wholesale has seen sweeping changes, especially so during this past year. Not only is it getting easier for the handmade seller to grow a wholesale client base, we have now entered a new boom in the handmade and locally sourced market.

No doubt this past year has seen some massive changes as rolling lockdowns and store closures have affected the retail industry. Out of that has come a shift in thinking, new innovation, and an incredible desire to get back to business. With stores reopening in many regions, now is the time to take action and get your products into the hands of store owners. The best news is that it has never been easier to reach potential buyers than it is right now.

Backed by 30 years of industry experience, the strategies contained in this book will walk you through the wholesale process step-by-step. In this book, written exclusively for beginners, you’ll learn the amazing opportunities that lay before you, how to protect your business from adverse risk, common wholesale mistakes and how to avoid them, how to find clients, how to get orders, how to increase order sizes and much more.

Here’s what you’ll learn  in wholesale for artists and makers :

  • How to prepare your collection, set prices and terms so you’re ready for wholesale

  • The worst mistakes handmade sellers make when approaching stores and how to eliminate them

  • The truth about pricing and why underpricing hurts your business

  • How to reach buyers without spending thousands on trade shows

  • Learn all about wholesale etiquette and how to avoid making mistakes that will cost you sales and your reputation

  • Tips on how to mine for leads and find alternative options for wholesale in a changing climate

  • Learn about selling at trade shows and how to make the most of them

  • Discover the No. 1 underutilized strategy for moving buyers from “just looking” to actually placing an order

  • How to manage orders to ensure great service and reliable cash flow

  • Why being yourself is your best asset

  • The best advantages to selling wholesale over retail

  • The 10 must-do practices when sending email pitches

  • The top seven preparations for making cold calls

  • The truth about consignment and whether you should consider it

  • Promotional strategies for landing orders and increasing order sizes

  • Learn why having a website strictly dedicated to wholesale is essential

  • Learn the benefits of email marketing and the types of emails to send to your clients

With experience-backed and thorough advice from a seasoned professional, Wholesale for Artists and Makers is the essential guide, giving you the facts you need to make the important decisions. Discover how you can confidently grow your business, take the intimidation out of wholesale and start implementing strategies for wholesaling your collection.

Whether you want to sell locally, across the country or internationally, this is the opportune time to count yourself in for wholesale as stores reopen and their patrons are itching to get back to shopping. Take the guesswork out of wholesaling and start building the business you envision today.

Let this be the year you finally get your collection out there and into the hands of retailers!

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