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Welcome to jewelry design ideas where you will find a variety of jewelry making projects. Over the next few months I will be adding more design ideas for you to try out at home.

What makes good design? Good question, really good design is so subjective and what one person might think is beautiful another may think is hideous.

Generally speaking, and aside from personal tastes, good design should include elements such as textures, shapes and colors that compliment each other.

We will start with our first project...wire wrapped earrings. As far as earrings go...what constitutes a good design? Sometimes a bead or focal piece can carry the whole design or sometimes, as in this case, the ear wires can make the design.

These simple wire wrapped drops would look rather ordinary with a small sheppards hook. But, with a large, sexy hoop style shape they really elevate the look of these earrings and create balance.

If you would like to experiment with silver wire and make a pair of wire wrapped earrings click on the photo below.

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