How to use Square UP

Learning how to use square up is very simple because of it's shear brilliance in design planning. Accepting credit card payments at craft shows has never been easier thanks to the revolutionary Square processing system.

Whether you are accepting credit cards on your android phone or
your iphone learning how to use square up will literally take only
a few minutes once you have downloaded the app.

After you have gone through the application process online at squareup go ahead and download the app for your android, iphone or ipad and you will be good to go once your square reader arrives.

Once you have the app you can sign in using your smart phone and get a feel for how it works. Here are the simple steps:

how to use square up at craft shows

  1. Sign up at or
  2. Once you have been approved and your square reader is on it's way download the app to your phone.
  3. Log into your square account and start to play. A number pad will comeup on your phone. On the upper left you will see a gear icon. Click on that and you will have the option to go to settings. Go to settings and you can enter the tax rate that you primarily use. Your city tax rate. You can change
    the tax rate when you are in another city as you need.
  4. Just above the number pad on the left you will see the camera icon. You cantake a shot of the item you are selling. This is an ultra neat feature for inventory tracking. Both you and your customer will have record of the item that was purchased and the location it was purchased at.
  5. Rigt beside the camera icon is an option to add a note. Click on that and you can record a product description or code. Also a neat feature for tracking the details of your sales.
  6. Once you receive your Square reader you can try your first sale by doing a credit card swipe test for a dollar. Once the card is approved it will show a screen for signing and give you an option to email the receipt or text the receipt to your customer. That's it! That is how to use Square up.

    After you learn the basics on how to use Square up you can go online and set up a company profile, photo and product categories. The following are the top eight benefits for using Square up for accepting credit payments at craft shows:

Top 8 Benefits of Choosing Square up

  1. Square up offers a competitive 2.75% rate with no extra monthly fees or hidden fees.
  2. Square up is paperless and easy to use with an android phone, iphone or ipad.
  3. Processing is automatic. There is no need to call in numbers manually and settlements are deposited directly into your bank account within 1 to 2 business days.
  4. Square has an easy online approval application that can be completed in minutes.
  5. Square up offers innovative record keeping options that can be downloaded for each show that you attend.
  6. While you cannot accept debit/direct payments using the Square you can enter your cash sales complete with product descriptions and photos for complete record keeping for each show.
  7. Square is a leader when it comes to innovative thinking. They even offer an option for customizing loyalty cards so that customers will receive a discount after a set amount of purchases. Each time the customer makes a purchase they
    will see that they are closer to receiving a purchase discount and that gives your customers incentive to keep coming back.
  8. You also have the option of processing manual payments for telephone, email or faxed orders. The rate for manual processing jumps from 2.75% to 3.5% plus 15 cent per transaction fee, which is still reasonable considering that you do not pay hidden or monthly fees.

    The only down side to choosing Square for accepting credit card payments at craft shows is poor cell phone reception. However, keep in mind this issue will be a challenge with any instant processing system that you choose should you have poor reception.

    Should you not have cell phone reception I recommend
    having processing slips on hand with your company information on. Fill in the customers card info and total. Then have the customer sign and process the amount when you do have cell phone reception. You will pay the higher percentage but, it sure beats not having the sale!

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