Choosing a Business Name

That Feels Just Right!

Choosing a business name is the first, most important step you will take in starting a business. It is at this point that you should take your time to research and brainstorm the name that will be just right for you and your business.

From now on you become two...YOU and YOUR BUSINESS! You are now in partnership and all the decisions you make must cross your two point checklist:

ONE...Does the decision you are about to make serve your business?

TWO...Does the decision you are about to make meet your needs?

A healthy balance between the mind and the heart is needed to ensure the success of your business and to maintain a feeling of alignment with each step that you take. Keeping in mind

the level of satisfaction you feel with the decisions you make and knowing that they make good business sense will keep you on the right track. It is especially beneficial to implement these principles when choosing a business name.

Here are the top ten factors to consider and questions to ask yourself when making the big decision: 

Top Ten Considerations for Choosing a Business Name

ONE... Does it encompass all that you envision and leave room for future growth?

Choosing a business name that feels just right is all about your vision. When I started my business over twenty years ago I chose a name too quickly and without clarity. Had I taken the time to envision a name that would feel right on a deeper level I believe it would have had a greater effect on my level of confidence.

To this day I still get a little feeling in the pit of my stomach that says "that name doesn't feel right." Energetically people respond to that feeling and it all plays a role in the success of a business.

Always consider the style your jewelry will reflect, any theme that you may have and what materials you will be working in. Will your style be vintage? MOD? or eclectic? Will you be working with metal clay? copper? or mixed media? Then you must ask yourself will I always like vintage? or will I tire of copper?

Although I have been designing vintage style jewelry for two decades I still love that period and have loved it since I was seven years old. Choosing a business name with a vintage feel would certainly stand the test of time for my profound love for old world design.

Seven years ago I chose a domain name that really resonates with my love for old world design and I am still thrilled with it. I shake my head in wonder that it was not already snapped up by someone else.

If you love current trends and plan to keep up with the latest then choose a name that will change with the times. While 60's mod designs have made their way back into fashion choosing a name that reflects too closely with a passing fad may leave you wanting for a new name in five years.

On the other hand if you have great instincts around what's up next and what's hot choosing a business name that is trendy may help to take you to the top while the demand is there. Perhaps you may even consider trademarks within the company name you choose.

TWO... Do you want to trademark the name?

Trademarking is an important consideration in choosing a business name. As a jewelry designer you may very well want to have a trademark with a logo for your line.

A trademark stamp on each of your designs is an excellent advertising tool and gives an air of accomplishment. Jewelry with trademark tags keep your company name in the forefront of the customer's mind and create the image of a well established company.

Should you choose to trademark your company name or your jewelry line you must then do a trademark search online to see if the name is taken. The fee for trademarking is more expensive than simply registering a business.

If you feel strongly about trademarking the name that you will choose for your business make sure you have the money to invest to get both registered.

Consider whether you might want to trademark your line outside your country as well if your goals are to distribute your line in another country.

THREE... Is the name already registered?

Before you get a fixed heart set on a name that you absolutely cannot live without do a search to make sure that name is not registered. Check your state/ provincial and Federal Government websites for business registrations and use their searching procedures to find if the name is already registered.

If you live in Canada and think you would like to expand to the US you may want to check the registrations in the United States or extend your trademark to the US and vice verse.

FOUR... Does it infringe upon any existing names or violate any copyright laws?

Make sure to do your research and leave no stone unturned in regards to establishing a company name that does not infringe upon any existing registered names.

You will want to search trademarks, incorporated businesses, domain names and all registered businesses. If you are in North America check all of North America.

If you find the name that you love is registered to a corporation you don't want any future conflicts that may cause you to loose your much loved name.

When choosing a business name be cautious about names that sound too close to an already established business especially if it is the name of a jewelry line or jewelry business.

Just as it would not be advisable to open a fast food restaurant called "The Real McDonald" you wouldn't want to name your business "Monet Originals" even if your last name is Monet.

FIVE... Is it short and easy to pronounce?

Short, easy to pronounce names are always great for impact and will stay fresh in the customer's mind. Short names, although a little more challenging to acquire a dot com domain for, make excellent website names.

It is often suggested, when choosing a business name, to take a name that describes what you do or what your product is. While this is great advice if you are a bookkeeper it may not be necessary for a jewelry designer. Ultimately it is up to you to decide if it is beneficial to include the word jewelry or designs etc...

Many jewelry business names are simply the name of the designer or one to two fantastic words that have impact. Study the names of designer jewelry at department stores and online and get a feel for what is right for your business.

When I chose my business name I, for naive reasons, used my first name in the registration resulting in twenty years of misspellings. My business name has on numerous occasions been slaughtered to a crafty sounding name that is no more appealing to me than the name "Edna's Apple Head Dolls."

When you use your own name people like to add apostrophes where they are not and to make sense out of names that they cannot pronounce. If you want to use your full name to establish yourself as a jewelry designer then by all means do so.

Knowing what potentially lies ahead in terms of ease of pronunciation and spelling will aid you in your decision making when choosing a business name.

Having an unusual name may very well work to your benefit. By the same token having a name that is a little more challenging for the average person to pronounce becomes irrelevant

should you climb your way to the top and get recognition as an up and coming designer. Ultimately the use of your own name has to feel right to you.

Just as many parents try to avoid challenges when naming their children you too can avoid these sort of challenges by choosing a business name with careful consideration.

Unfortunately although Kelly is a lovely name, I did know a sweet girl who children referred to as "smelly Kelly." It was not her fault that she wasn't being cared for well and so as kids did what kids do, they maximized on the name.

In other words examine your chosen name and consider whether it can have negative connotations. Most people are not as cruel as some of the kids we knew growing up. Still, there have been businesses over time that have had their names reduced to unpleasant variations. A classic example of this is the restaurant Mother Tucker's. 

SIX... Is the domain name taken?

This is a great question! In fact I would highly recommend when choosing a business name that you search online to see if the name you love is a registered domain name right away.

If you love the name and it is not taken then grab it! For ten dollars you can set it aside for when you are ready to use it. If you change your mind you have only spent ten bucks and

perhaps later you can sell it. If you plan to have a website relatively soon then consider registering a domain name with the hosting company you are planning to use.

Search online for where you plan to set up your site to make sure there is no issue registering your domain elsewhere as there may be time period that you must wait to transfer your existing domain name to another hosting site.

I purchased an online hosting program with an easy to use web template and I registered very inexpensively elsewhere before I selected a that company. Although I was not able to transfer the domain over to this company I had no problem doing

what they refer to as "pointing" my domain name to the new hosting facility. It is important to get clarification on these issues before registering a domain name.

SEVEN... How does it sound and how does it look in print?

Here is a question that most people do not think about. You will see your beautiful business name again and again in print. First on your business card, in show guides, on a booth sign, on flyer's, articles and various other media.

Visually, is the name pleasing and how does it look in big letters on a sign? Again, getting an objective opinion from friends will give you a fresh look at what kind of impact the name has. Consider how the name sounds should your business get some television or radio publicity.

Perhaps you are exhibiting at a high end show and one of your pieces is featured in a live fashion show. Choosing a business name that sounds great and has great presence will leave lasting impression for all to remember.

EIGHT... Does it reflect the image you want?

As a child were you told not to day dream? Well...this is a time when day dreaming is good for you. Choosing a business name that feels absolutely right is all about your vision and the ambiance you want to create for your business and your unique line of jewelry.

Having a company image encompasses so many important factors such as strong design, ethics and values, intentions, your connection to your customers, your passions, your style and your vision for the future.

It is important to take stock of not only what your passionate about but, what your hierarchy of values is. If strong customer service and quality workmanship are what you look for from others then it is something you may want to project in your company image.

While the name of your company may not outright say "excellent customer service" having the image in your mind of all that you intend to offer and the mood you want to create will contribute energetically to the name you choose.

NINE... Does it fit well with a logo or can it become a logo itself?

Having a business name that conjures up images for a well designed logo are great because images leave an impression on the customer's mind and are more likely to be noticed and remembered.

Some names can be so strong that they virtually become a logo in themselves. Having a name that easily translates into a strong logo can lead to a very clear company image that is recognized by it's logo design alone.

TEN... Does it excite you 100%?

Wait!...Before you register that name go over the top ten considerations and on the last one

rate the name you have chosen from 1 to 100. Did you rate it at 100%? If you are the kind of person that has difficulty making decisions or rarely feels satisfied with results give yourself a few days to envision the name and then rate it again.

Your final decision should feel good through and through. Pay attention to your gut feelings and register the name that not only meets the criteria but, the one that feels full of pride and potential every time you say it.

Need more inspiration for names? Go to my new page on catchy business names . While you are there you can also subscribe to receive my free 20 page guide!

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Creative Tips for Choosing a Business Name

For some people choosing a name is easy and they know right away what they want to call their business. For others it  is a process and arriving at the perfect name will take some creative thinking.

GO INWARD...I highly recommend taking this time to go inward. Close your eyes and feel what is important to you. Conjure up images in your mind of all that you like and all that you would like to represent.

How would you like your customers to feel and how do you like to feel when you are a customer?

Having strong intentions for your business will greatly help in choosing a business name that speaks to you.

MAKE A VISION BOARD OR BOOK...When you are ready, start making notes, gather images from magazines, look at images on the Internet and compile them into a book or on a board.

Having a clear visual will not only inspire you, but will aid you in choosing a business name that conveys the image you love.

GET THAT THESAURUS OUT... Look up your images and words that describe your tastes and wants in a Thesaurus. Write down all the words that have the feel and the image your are looking for.

When writing copy or choosing a business name a thesaurus is a must have for finding just the right expression that is uniquely you.

When you have gathered a good sized list make a short list that fit within the top ten considerations for choosing a name. Now take that list to the people around you whom you most trust and respect and who best support you in your endeavors.

By getting honest feedback from those you think highly of you will get an objective view of the name and perhaps some suggestions that will lead you to that perfect name.

In the end you should have a name that is not only catchy but, will feel good every time you say it or put it to paper. When choosing a business name feeling one hundred percent about the image you put forth is the first step towards your successful thriving business!

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