Your Brand Essence is...

The Spirited Brand

You are spirited at heart, always bringing your bright light into play with all that you create. Whether it’s your free spirit, or the playful way in which you design your collection, your pieces will magnetically draw in like-minded individuals with a desire for joy and lighthearted aesthetics.

Freedom and fun is the leading attraction, and no one knows better than you how to add that lightness of being to a collection. Whether you favor humor, a bohemian touch, or quirky designs that don’t take themselves to seriously, you have the advantage of creating a feeling of spontaneity that makes it easy to say “YES!”... turning virtual window shoppers into customers and avid fans.

You follow your intuition, designing what suits your fancy, which makes your pieces unlike any others, but your Achilles heel may be that you sometimes wander without enough focus. Learning to hone in on all that is necessary, to bring your dreams to fruition, will mean that you can get your goods into the hands of more perfect-fit fans that await.

How to Build Your Magnetic Brand Essence…

Do more of you, and do it well! It’s all about amplification. The subtle aspects of your brand that seems obvious to you, aren’t necessarily apparent to your potential customers. Even with your natural talent to get all eyes on your collection, you may overlook the little details that tell your website visitors how to navigate your site without getting confused, or keep them from leaving with unanswered questions.

When selling, you need to repeat yourself more often than what may feel comfortable. The same goes for your website copy. Although you may know the ins and outs of all your pieces, your website navigation, or your brand story, you need to make the whole picture abundantly clear to your visitors.

This is the one area you might want to slightly overdo your message, while still maintaining a feeling of ease. Take time to examine all your values, your untapped gifts, and the inspiration that ignites passion within you.

Use your gifts to speak in complete alignment with your Spirited Brand, and... if you have the added genius of humor, don’t forget to interject an element of levity into your well-chosen words. Your brand essence can reach high. Use it to your advantage.

Make a list of all the treasures that are inherently you, and let that spill into all that you do. Allow it to permeate throughout your entire collection and all aspects of your business. The following are some areas to infuse what is intrinsically you, into your brand:

Your website’s look and feel
Your product descriptions
Your sign-up form
Your about page
Your newsletter, or email communications
Your blog posts
Your social media posts

It doesn’t all have to happen at once. Address one area in which to start and leave no stone unturned. As you achieve that feeling of satisfaction with each step, you’ll start to see the other areas in which you can strengthen all that is the energetic extension of YOU... The Spirited Brand Essence.

What to Include in Your Product Descriptions…

Keep your visitors engaged by speaking to that one perfectly-matched customer on a level that resonates more deeply. Yes, it’s vital to include product details that answer your visitors’ questions such as size, weight etc., but save those details for the second half of your description copy and reserve emotionally engaging descriptions for the top.

Here’s where you want to engage your visitors and help them to experience how your pieces will make them feel. How your collection energetically aligns with their mindset. Write for the heart, for deeper needs, and write to address the free-spirited, playfulness that Spirited Brand fans feel about self-expression. This could include descriptive copy on how to wear, or pair, the items, the whimsical nature of the designs, or how the products feel to the touch.

Whenever possible, include symbolic meaning, energetic properties, or related mindset attributes. Accentuate those benefits by using the language that speaks your brand, and appeals to your ideal buyer.

Emotional and Relevant Words:

Free spirit
Self expression
Turn heads
Only you
Use adjectives and verbs that convey beauty, feeling, or qualities that are notable and enticing.

Recommended Book for Descriptive Copywriting:

Words That Sell by Richard Bayan

What to do when you feel stuck or overwhelmed...

You instinctively know which area of your business needs some TLC. You can conquer the feeling of overwhelm and analysis paralysis by choosing one thing. You don’t, nor shouldn’t you, focus on too many areas at once. Start with that one thing you know you could be doing next, whether it’s building out your collection, improving your photos, or getting your website up-and-running.

Small-bite goals will have you feeling accomplished and motivated in no time flat when you focus on achieving only those goals, then rewarding yourself with some well-deserved acknowledgment.

Soon you’ll start to see momentum and you’ll open the floodgate of inspiration. Address one goal... just one. That focus alone will kick-start your ability to SEE. It’s all about seeing, because my friend, we ALL... don’t know what we don’t know. It is only by taking that first step into the light that we learn to ask the questions that need asking, and then we can start finding the answers that lead us to even better questions.

Remember that you don’t need justification for how you design. You may be tempted to curb your ideas in order to appeal to the masses. You don’t need the masses to be wildly successful. It is in following the instincts of your heart, without holding back, that you give permission for others to do the same. That... is how you magnetically draw perfect-fit customers who have finally found a brand that gives them all the latitude they need for self-expression.

Never divorce yourself from the talents that are intrinsically a part of you, for when you embrace ALL of that, it is where you allow the magic to happen! Tap into your intuition and always ensure that your decisions align both with your heart... and your mind. You are the Spirit Brand Essence, let your spirit soar ❤️

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