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Learning how to make a GIF with your own branding has a lot more advantages over using readily available GIFs online, especially when you put a strategic plan behind your GIF designs. Not only can you make a collection of GIFs that are branded for your unique products, but you can also use GIFs as a source of traffic for your website.

There are limitless ways you can use branded GIFs to promote your business. Learning how to make a GIF can be as simple as loading images into PowerPoint, or Keynote, and exporting your slides as a GIF. Once you get started, you’ll see how easy it is to turn your products into fast-moving images that can capture the attention of your potential customers.

Soon you’ll have branded GIFs that you can use on social media, in your emails, on your website, and on Giphy. Much like video, only easier and faster to produce, these branded treasures can become  great attention-getters and another traffic source for your business.

The simple product GIF at the top of the page  was made in PowerPoint using only photos and some text overlay. You could also create it using Keynote if you’re on a Mac.

How to make a gif on powerpoint

Learning how to make GIFs has a much shorter learning curve than video creation, making it a quick reward that can have you pumping out promotions that feel like video, at a tenth of the work. One of the upsides of this kind of mini video(esque) format is that it’s fun and entertaining for your audience. This means you can get your products in front of more eyes without the feeling of a heavy sales pitch. It’s a quick win and an easy way into the hearts of your potential customers. Looking for a deep-dive into GIF making? I highly recommend the following mini course on GIF making:

Please note the following is an affiliate link which means I will receive a commission should you decide the workshop is right for you. Also know that I would never recommend a product I don’t 100% believe in or haven’t used myself. Rachael’s mini course is one of the best I’ve taken online, giving me all the information I needed in a concise and easy-learning format.

Rachael Kay Albers (of RKA ink) put together this fantastic course called...  GIF It To Me, Baby Mini Course which teaches all you need to know about making GIF's and then some. She has reached one billion views on her GIFs which makes her quite the expert when it comes to getting traffic through branded GIFs. I took the workshop myself back in May and have been making my own branded GIFs nonstop since. What I love about Rachael’s mini course is that, in a short period of time, I was able to learn all the ins and outs of GIF making and sharing.

Within a couple of days you can have a slew of branded GIFs up and running, helping you get more eyes on your designs. Not only is this mini course jam-packed with lots of information on the mechanics of GIF making, you’ll also learn her 50 Creative Ways and Places to Use GIFs in your business.

Learning how to make a GIF that is branded for your business is a quick, fun, and easy way to create attention-grabbing social media posts, emails that entertain, and moving website images that keep the interest of your visitors. And you can do it in a fraction of the time it would take to create video. I have only scratched the surface of GIF making, but Rachael's course will teach you all that you need to know. The possibilities are limitless!

You can learn how to make a GIF (or lot's of them) through the GIF It To Me, Baby Mini Course here.

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