Working With Craft Cements

When working with craft cements always make sure to get all the info you need on the cement you are using and protect yourself accordingly.

The cement that I use is E-6000 which is similar to Goop although, I find Goop to sometimes become brittle after a few years of adhesion and loose it's grip. I have experienced pieces falling apart years later after using Goop but, never with E-6000.

E-6000 is an industrial strength glue and must be used with good protection such as a mask, gloves and good ventilation. To read more about protecting yourself see the studio safety section of this website.

When applying E-6000 it is only necessary to use a small amount and it will hold well.

On a 14x10mm stone you only need to use about a 5mm dab of cement.

Apply a little pressure to the stone to flatten out the cement and get a good adhesion but, not so much pressure that the cement creeps out the sides.

Leave your items to dry in a well ventilated area with a closed door for about 24 hours.

Tip: You can use souvlaki sticks or toothpicks to apply cement but, what I really recommend is a non-hook metal crochet needle. They are finished with a smooth coating that makes it easy to pick off the glue with pliers when dry and there is no need to throw out wooden sticks.

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