Making Wire Loops

Making wire loops with the wire wrap technique is easy. This method is a very secure way of suspending or attaching beads as it does not leave any gaps for pieces to accidentally slip off. You can use a head pin, eye pin or wire straight off the spool.

Feed the pin through the items and hold the pin above your drop with a pair of round nose pliers.

Bend the pin to a ninety degree angle over your pliers.

Start bending the wire back over the round nose pliers towards you.

Keep forming around the pliers.

Continue to form your loop by using the round nose pliers. As you come to a complete loop turn you will want to add the item you are planning to attach to your drop before beginning to wrap.

Now...grip the loop you have made with the pliers.

Start to wrap your wire horizontaly at the base of your loop.

Continue to wrap your wire neatly around beneath your loop.

Continue to wrap neatly working toward the bead.

Trim the excess wire with side cutters.

Use a pair of needle nose or bent nose pliers to tuck the end in nice and neat.


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