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Making jewelry at home...

If you love making jewelry at home and would go so far as to say you would love to sell jewelry without virtually ever leaving your home then you are living in the perfect era!

Never before has it been so entirely possible to run a home business than it is now with the "virtual" world of the Internet. It is almost like having access to a parallel universe where you can create your own empire that uniquely expresses who you are.

I find nothing more exciting and creative than being able to make something out of nothing. I love that I can take seemingly ordinary materials and manipulate these materials to create something wonderful...something that will be desired by others.

The experience of creating does not end in the tangible world of jewelry making but, lives in how you put yourself in front of the world with an image that represents you and your work.

You have heard of the term "starving artist." It used to be that creative people did not know how to be good business people. With the advent of the Internet that has all changed!

Now it is all about bringing that creativity full circle from making jewelry at home, to developing a brand, to marketing and selling your wonderful creations.

When I started making jewelry at home over twenty years ago I used to jokingly say that one day they would find me in my apartment surrounded in deep piles of jewelry and say "I wonder what happened? She made such nice jewelry."

I knew that I had a knack for making beautiful jewelry but, the truth was I really was afraid to sell it. When it came down to it I was afraid to sell myself. It has been a long evolution for me and now I am not only more confident selling my jewelry...I also know a heck of a lot more about how.

Back then there was no hiding behind a computer selling myself and my product with relative anonymity. I had to learn to be more confident with people.

If you love making jewelry at home and also love the idea of getting out there among the people, face to face, then that is okay too. It's all good.

At the jewelry making website you can learn all about selling your jewelry to stores, at craft shows and online. I will be adding pages on selling jewelry at craft shows and how to create an easy and optimized website for your jewelry.

When I first started my business there was no Internet. I only sold at craft shows and to stores. I have been lucky to transition from an era of limited resources to one of great technological advances and an abundance of possibilities.

We have at our disposal access to self publication, self promotion, free networking and the ability to create beauty beyond belief. If you where not around early enough to notice when there was no Internet try to imagine what you would have done to grow a business.

The opportunities available to us now are limitless and the affordability of it all is a true gift. This gift really resonates with me. Having not had these opportunities in my early years, I come by the feeling of gratitude naturally.

It is my pleasure to share the many years of experience that I have in the jewelry business and to guide you on your own path. Whether you are making jewelry at home as a hobby or a business I would like to share that journey with you.

Please have a look around the site. You will find jewelry making basics, information about selling on Etsy and even information on how to protect your hands from injuries. Feel free to email me with any comments or interests.

Thank you for happening upon my site and I hope that you will visit often as I grow my own vision for a comprehensive and easy to use jewelry making resource.




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