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Bunny or Rabbit? - Growing Your Business
May 05, 2014
From Me to You,

If you where looking for a bunny necklace would you search out "bunny necklace" on Google or would you type in the words "rabbit necklace?"

Well the fact is that forty-five times more people are searching the words "rabbit necklace." That means more traffic for you if you are selling rabbit necklaces and you have used those exact words on your website.

Did you know that labeling your images with well researched keywords can get you much more traffic to your website through Google Images?

I just finished writing a highly detailed article on how you can get more traffic through your images and your product titles.

Come have a look at the article I wrote regarding how to get traffic from Google Images and make sure to leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Hope you like : )

xo Patricia

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